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1291.com is moving to New York City bringing a wealth of ideas and new business ventures. Join us in 2017 for new and exciting opportunities.

We look forward to starting several new businesses in 2017, we have the experience and proven track record to get results. Join Roland and his team and get moving in your new business adventure!

We have experienced people waiting to help you and your business, and we are here to help you grow and expand as well.

Roland Solenthaler

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    • Roland Solenthaler
      Skype: swizz1291
  • Roland Solenthaler Swiss born Roland Solenthaler started his career at prestigious food and beverage establishments in Switzerland. He became an executive chef by the age of twenty. He then worked principal positions at The Four Seasons Hotels in Toronto and San Francisco, and The Swiss Pavilion Restaurant at the 1986 World Expo in Vancouver. This led to his appointment as Director of Food & Beverage for the opening of The Peninsula Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, California.
    A year later an article on the front page of The New York Magazine entitled "How to start your own business" fueled Roland Solenthaler's ambition to establish himself as an entrepreneur in New York City.
    Based on the historic swiss tale of William Tell and his famous shot thru the big apple, and the birth of the Swiss confederacy in 1291, he started the now successful 1291 Corporation, modeled after the story's charm and his nation's success. The article still adorns his midtown Manhattan office wall, and now with a firmly established hotel business, and a growing corporation in the hospitality industry to call his own, he gives the next generation of Swiss apprentices a chance to make it in New York City.

    As founder and owner of 1291, Roland Solenthaler sees his role as a mentor for young people, and as a driving force for his ever expanding business ventures. Roland's business investments have also included restaurants, youth hostiles, film productions,
    a TV show, and rare coins he has collected since the age of twelve.